hitschler Candybar

Our sought-after Candybar for your event

Dreams can actually come true!

You can now hire our unique Candybar for your event.

And to be honest, who doesn’t dream of having a candy bar at their wedding, birthday, company party or any other nice occasion? You can hire our Candybar for any event, or just for you and your friends.

No, you are not dreaming. Just book your own Candybar with us and we’ll send it to you in no time, carefully packed and filled with popular hitschies classics like Hitschies, Sour Dragon Tongues, brizzl UFOs, Mallow Cubes and much more.

You just build it up where your event is. So your guests always have a sweet snack at hand and the event will be simply fantastic.

Afterwards you simply put the completely empty (probably) Candybar back into the transport packaging and we will pick it up by appointment. Dreams come true that easily.


How to Candybar


We pack the candybar together with the candy into two transport bags. You can give us a time frame in which we can deliver those.


Our candybar is foldable and pluggable an therefore, easy to set up without instruments. But no worries, we enclose you the assembly instructions.

Return shipment

After your event, you can put everything back together into the transport bags. After consultation, we pick them up at the coordinated time.

Book your candybar now