Now new: hitschies dog treats - recommended by Emma & Lotta

In December 2020, we introduced you to our dog treats. The cookies with duck are free of cereals, sugar and free of flavors, colors and preservatives. The dog treats recommended by Emma and Lotta are thus the best proof of love for your four-legged friends.

But how did we as candy manufacturers actually come up with the idea of producing dog treats?

On a summer day at the lake, we thought about how we could snack together with our two Feelgood managers Emma and Lotta. Emma and Lotta are part of the hitschler family and team. They both dash around the office almost every day, so the idea one of a common snacktime was quickly concretized.

We contacted a family business for the treat production. Soon Emma and Lotta were tasting the treats, as they were allowed to decide on the taste. In the end, duck was chosen as their favorite snack.

Ganz nach unserem Motto „Nasch dein Ding“ kann jeder unsere Köstlichkeiten snacken, das gilt nun auch für die besten Freunde des Menschen. Of course you can find our dog treats in our factory outlets in Hürth near Cologne and Michelstadt, and of course HERE. Your pets are also very welcome there. Emma and Lotta are also looking forward to your visit.