Once upon a time there was a candy maker who invented the sweetest and sourest treats.
Whether big or small, everyone loved and loves his sweets.
And so he has been producing happily and deliciously for over 80 years.

2021 - hello. Snack your thing.

The brand relaunch will take place in April 2021: with our new brand hitschies and our brand claim “Nasch dein Ding.” we continue to adhere to tradition and innovation. At the same time, we focus on our brand values ​​of uniqueness, individuality and diversity, which determine our actions.

2017 - Philip Hitschler-Becker

In November 2017, Philip Hitschler-Becker, grandson of
Walter Hitschler, following in his grandfather's footsteps. Having grown up with the brand and products since early childhood, he is now continuing the tradition of the Cologne family business. With the arrival of the fourth Hitschler generation, the family's enthusiasm for sweets lives on.

2010s - Walter Hitschler

Since 2008, developed at the initiative of Walter Hitschler, all of our products have had a new design in 2010. About the Hitschler brand
To make it quicker and easier for all consumers to find on the shelf, the blue Hitschler wave can now be found on all items.

2000s - New products & natural ingredients

Even in the new millennium, one of our focuses is on the development of new products and the continuous development of our existing product range. Our new, multi-assorted mix of fruit sweets, chewy sweets and bubble gum will be a huge hit with explorers big and small. This fruity-sweet children's mix enriches the markets under the name Kinder Schatzkiste. Another new development, our four-colored party cords with coloring fruit and plant extracts in sweet and sour, are enthusiastically received by our cord fans and find their permanent place on the candy shelf and on the shopping list.

1990s - chewing gum made in Germany

In the 1990s we brought the Jetties onto the German market: Our chewing gum, developed and produced exclusively in Germany, is sugar-free and dental care. In various forms, but especially as push-through blisters, they are a great success and are still known to many today.
At the same time, the Hitschies product range is being successfully expanded and our favorite product, the Hitschies, is gaining even more fans.

1980s - The invention of the Hitschies

The range continued to be expanded through innovations in the 1980s, because we invented the Hitschies! Soft, fruity chewy dragees with a crunchy shell in a stick shape that is still unique today. So that the specialty, which was initially popular under the name Fruity Bites, can be pronounced worldwide, we will soon be renaming it Hitschies. Since then, the Hitschies, manufactured exclusively by Hitschler, have delighted all generations around the world with their crisp shell and are among our best-known and most successful products.
Another big success in the 1980s was our effervescent bouncy balls (today: brizzl UFOs) - colorful wafers with a fruity effervescent filling.

1970s - A decade full of innovations

At the beginning of the decade, hitschler comes onto the market with an absolutely new fruit gum sensation: hitschler's fruit gum cords! The snacking cords were a huge success and are still part of the regular range today.

Just two years later, one of the best-known classics to date was born: our Softi chewy candy strips. In the Rhineland in particular, it becomes known and popular through carnival.

In the mid-1970s, Hitschler introduced another specialty that was previously completely unknown in Germany: sweet bacon. Loose, airy, with a fine cream vanilla aroma. In no time, Hitschler bacon delights sweets lovers big and small across the country.

1960s - A decade of expansion

Word quickly gets around that Hitschler's sweets are not only of high quality, but also taste particularly good. So it is not surprising that the products quickly appear on the shelves in other European countries: Driven by Walter Hitschler's entrepreneurial vision, they venture into completely new markets and from the 1960s onwards, Hitschler products were even eaten in Saudi Arabia.

1950s - Hitschler International GmbH

After the death of Ferdinand Hitschler, Walter Hitschler changed the company's name to hitschler International. Following his passion, the focus of the new company is now the trading and distribution of sweets at home and abroad.

From this point on, the company will be consistently expanded and expanded. The decisive step into the future of the company in the mid-1950s was the acquisition and subsequent expansion of “1. German Chewing Gum Factory”. From this point on, hitschler International is not only a distribution company but also a manufacturing company.

1940s - Ferdinand Hitschler & Son

In his early 20s, Walter Hitschler joined his father's company. From 1946 onwards it was run under the name “Ferdinand Hitschler & Sohn”. With the arrival of Walter Hitschler, who has always had a great passion for sweets, the consistent expansion of the sweet range begins: chewing gum and other sweets are now part of the company's permanent range.

1920s - The roots of the hitschler company

Ferdinand Hitschler, Walter Hitschler's father, began trading tobacco and cachous - small, delicious licorice candies - which are originally a specialty from France, in the late 1920s. In the mid-1930s he founded the Cologne trading company “Hitschler's Cachou” - the cornerstone of today's company. What hardly anyone knows: Walter Hitschler's former parents' house on Ölbergstrasse in Cologne was our company headquarters until we moved to Aachener Strasse in 2014.