Our Responsibility

A heart for hitschies. A heart for responsibility.

As a family business, we are aware of our responsibility. It is, therefore, one of our major corporate goals to cease using animal gelatine completely by 2023 and, where possible, to become 100% vegan.

In addition, we always try to act responsibly in our daily activities, for example in our production, packaging and transport areas, as well as in the office areas, and to become ever more sustainable.

In our new production facility, we use energy-saving technology wherever possible, and we are gradually converting our vehicle fleet to electric power.

To ensure the safety of our products, it is not yet possible to package our delicious sweets without using any plastics, but our flowpacks (such as our Hitschies) are 100% recyclable. We also try to avoid unnecessary packaging wherever possible and are constantly working to find even more sustainable alternatives for our packaging.

Our new, modern warehouse is located in the center of Germany, which allows us to reduce transport distances.

We are also working to make our office areas increasingly sustainable. For example, we have already been able to save 20,000 sheets of paper in 2021 through digitalisation.

Ergonomic furniture in our office, such as height-adjustable desks, makes it possible to work comfortably. In addition, our colleagues are treated to delicious fresh food at lunchtime by our chef, Alex. We also offer the opportunity to take exercise with a company fitness facility, and we focus on sustainable mobility by offering bike leasing and job tickets.


Goal 2023: product range exclusively vegan/vegetarian

Candy flowpacks 100% recyclable

- 20,000 sheets of paper in 2021

Height-adjustable deks and fresh food for our team

New production facility with energy-saving technology

Offer of sustainable mobility for employees