about us

Galactic, first-class, breathtaking, cool, spectacular, soft, crisp, creative, original, colourful, diverse, excellent – that's how our products taste and how we are.


Between you and me, we’re a really sweet bunch.

We could start from scratch in the classic way now, and there is really a lot to tell, because with four generations and more than 80 years of company history there is a lot going on.

But we are in the middle of change and all eyes are on the future. In fourth generation Philip Hitschler-Becker has taken over the key to the candy cabinet and is actively supported by the whole family. The future will be even more innovative and lively. And of course colourful, cheerful and diverse, like a pack of Hitchies. We only put quality and good taste into the bag, no matter if Sour Dragon Tongues, brizzl Ufos or Bubble Gum Hitschies. And according to our claim „Snack it your way.“ our products are as unique, individual and diverse as you are.

BFor all the progress, what remains unchanged, passion, tradition, experience, combined with the constant pleasure of developing sweet and sour innovations that will put a smile on your face and sweeten your life.

So now then, pull the pack open and be welcomed to the hitschies world.


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Family has a special role for us at hitschler. Not only Philip Hitschler-Becker and his siblings Julia and Nicolas, who make up the fourth generation of the family, but also their mother Gabriele Hitschler-Becker, from the third generation, can regularly be found at our hitschler campus.

With the two family dogs, Emma and Lotta, also in attendance, the long-term planning of the family business is discussed in meeting rooms as well as during lunches or dinners, on walks or during family holidays. We don't just have family business written all over us, we also carry it inside.

Fun Facts:

It is not only a pleasure to eat our sweet products, it is also a great pleasure to make them. Here are some of the craziest and funniest facts about us.

The most common word in our office is “faaaaantastic”.

In a Laces bag there are about 13.75 metres of Laces.

We produce so many Hitschies a year that we could cover over 55 football fields.

Our two Feelgood Managers Lotta and Emma consume about 156 cans of dog food per year.

We drink about 450 litres of coffee a month – that corresponds to about 2,250 cups of coffee.

Our masseurs apply 3 litres of massage oil per month to get us back into shape.


And float with us in candy heaven