We at hitschler

As an innovative family business , we at hitschler work together every day to put a smile on your face with our sweet delicacies. Our hands-on mentality, passion for our products and constant joy in developing the tastiest sweets in the world make working with us really fun. For us, WE comes first and you can feel our team spirit from the first second.

Many plans are made and implemented on our innovative “ Hitschler Campus ” in Hürth near Cologne. Because we live with flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes , we are always one step ahead. We are always looking for team members to float with us in candy heaven . Does your heart beat faster when you think of Hitschies, Sour Dragon Tongues, brizzl UFOs or Softies? Then you are exactly right with us! Discover the open job offers now.


Strong WE,
Family togetherness

Regular team events

Dress code: Come as you are

Active participation

Fancy office

Flexible working hours

Delicious lunchtime with chef Alex

Short decision paths

Urban Sports Club Membership

Feelgood managers

Emma & Lotta



We value and respect everyone in our team. A friendly “Hello”, “Thank you” and “Please” are a matter of course for us. We want to be successful together, which is why we all pull together and are happy to exchange information and knowledge – both within the team and across teams.


We can trust that agreements will be adhered to because everyone takes responsibility for their tasks. Mistakes are allowed to happen with us and if timings cannot be met, we let each other know in good time.


We define well-thought-out and realistic goals together. We know these and are therefore able to make informed decisions independently. We pursue our goals until they are achieved.

The Hitschler family

Employee voices

Leon, IT

“The familiar yet professional working atmosphere encourages me to come to work full of enthusiasm every day. The short official channels and therefore quick decisions allow us to act quickly in IT. The young workforce is open to new technologies, which increases the motivation to introduce new systems.”

Petra, Marketing

“I love my job at Hitschler and being able to express myself creatively! #flathierarchies #hitschlerfamily #bestcolleagues #productlove #newproducts #funandjoy #worklifebalance”

Thomas, sales

“There are many reasons why I have enjoyed working at hitschler since 2011. Being able to make a difference with great fun and friendly colleagues in an exciting and varied working environment gives me great personal pleasure. Plus, we sell some really cool stuff.”

Andrea, purchasing

“I like working at hitschler because I have pretty cool colleagues and a dynamic working environment in which I can look for projects independently and push them forward. Routine is rarely the case in my job, every week is different and I can accompany product development from a purchasing perspective from start to finish. And the candy bar in the office is unbeatable anyway ☺”

Natascha, calculations and auditing

“I enjoy working at Hitschler because the extraordinary sweets have been with me since I was a child and I still haven't had enough of them. Now I'm happy to be able to contribute to the worldwide success of the Hitschies. And when I’m greeted by the smell of a new production in the morning, work becomes much easier.”

Jenny, production

“I'm happy to be part of the Hitschler family, because who doesn't want to work with sweets they've always known?! It’s fun to work with our team and to have achieved something at the end of the day.”

Lotta, Feelgood Management.

“Hey, I'm Lotta (Lotti, Lottchen, Princess - call me whatever you want) a little Münsterland lady and in my free time I like to go swimming and jogging with my partner in crime, Philip. I have been part of the Hitschler family for two years and, as Feelgood Manager, I keep the whole team on their toes. One thing is certain: I love my job and my cross-functional area of ​​activity. I'm never at a loss for a treat and look forward to dashing around the office every morning and putting a smile on my colleagues' faces together with my sister, Emma."

Emma, ​​Feelgood Management.

“Hi, I’m Emma, ​​a female miniature dachshund. I have been supporting my sister Lotta in the Feelgood area for less than a year. I would say we are a true dream team. My team describes me as a very lively colleague and I make every effort to motivate my team every day. Since I don't drink coffee, I like to hold meetings outside in the fresh air to stretch our legs and then get back to work with new energy."


Location Hürth (near Cologne)

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Your HR team

Inga, Gunhild & Christian


Note for HR consultants:

Our company has been working successfully with selected personnel service providers and consulting agencies for many years. In order to save each other unnecessary effort, we thank you for understanding that for this reason we are currently not interested in further cooperation in this area.