Sweet, sour, tasty, cheerful, colourful, diverse –
these are the answers to most of the questions about Hitschler. And if something is still unclear, please feel free to look here.
Where does the name hitschler come from?

Hitschler is the surname of the company founder. Ferdinand Hitschler founded the Cologne-based retail company Hitschler’s Cachou in 1929. His son Walter Hitschler joined the company in the 1940s.  After his father’s death, Walter Hitschler renamed the company from Ferdinand Hitschler & Sohn GmbH to the present-day hitschler International GmbH & Co. KG in the early 1950s. You can find more information about the company history HERE.

Where does the name Hitschies come from?

In the early 1980s, we created our unique, crunchy, sugar-coated fruit chews. Initially called Fruchtige Häppchen, these treats quickly developed into a cult product and a hallmark of the hitschler company. But because our sweets are in high demand not only in Germany but all over the world, a new, internationally understandable name had to be developed for this unique product. So Fruchtige Häppchen became Hitschies – a sugar-coated fruit chew that is unique to this day and produced in a wide range of flavours, including sour flavour.

How long has hitschler been around?

The then founder of the company, Ferdinand Hitschler, founded the Cologne trading company Hitschler’s Cachou in 1929. In the mid 1940s, his son Walter Hitschler joined the company. He quickly realized that the demand for sweets, especially from children, is enormous and decided to have the company specialize in children’s products and chewing gum. At the beginning of the 1950s, after the death of his father Ferdinand Hitschler, Walter Hitschler founded the still existing type of enterprise of hitschler International GmbH & Co. KG. The product range was completely changed to confectionery from this point on.By clicking HERE, access the history page.

Is it possible to do a factory tour?

Our manufacturing processes are audited and certified in accordance with the extremely rigorous International Food Standard (IFS), which serves to ensure maximum food safety and quality for the consumer. This also means that we cannot guide visitors through our production lines. We also think this is a pity, but we ask for your understanding.

Is there a factory outlet?

Yeah sure, there are two factory outlets: One in Hürth near Cologne and one in Michelstadt. You can find more information HERE. We look forward to your visit!

Do you have vegetarian products in your range?

Yes, we have something for everyone. In fact, we have quite a few. All vegetarian and vegan products can be found HERE.

Do you have vegan products in your range?

Yes sure, we have something for everyone. In fact, we have quite a few. All vegetarian and vegan products can be viewed HERE.

Do you have lactose-free products in your range?

Yep, we do. A “lactose-free” symbol is always placed on the individual product pages if the product is lactose-free, so you can always find them quickly.

Do you have gluten-free products in your range?

Yep, we do. A “gluten-free” symbol is always placed on the individual product pages if the product is gluten-free, so you can always find them quickly.

Do you have products that are halal in your range?

Yes, we are happy to offer you halal-certified products. We have marked these products with a “halal” symbol on the product packaging, so you can always find them quickly.

How long do hitschies products keep?

We cannot say this in general terms. We have so many different products that have different best-before dates. You can always find these on every bag and package.

How and where should hitschies products be stored?

They feel most comfortable in the stomach. Until then, it is best to store our products in a cool and dry place. You should not leave the packaging open, so the colourful sweets remain as tasty as they were on the first day.

Where can you buy hitschies products?

Fortunately, in quite a lot of different places and locations. You can find our products in many supermarkets and consumer markets such as REWE or EDEKA.
Furthermore, many products are also available in drugstores such as Rossmann or in discount stores such as Netto, Penny. In addition, there are our two factory outlets in Hürth and Michelstadt and also the possibility to shop our delicacies online e.g. at worldofsweets.de.
If you cannot find your favourite hitschler item in your supermarket yet, help us change this!
Simply go to the store manager in the store and tell him/her that you would like to buy the product in his/her store.

Do you cooperate with influencers?

Here we have a circle of friends, too. If you are interested in a cooperation, please send your request to info@hitschler.de or use our CONTACT FORM.

How is the candybar sent to me and how do I send it back?

Well, that is quite easy: A shipping company will bring the candybar to you and pick it up again. The shipping company will coordinate all details with you personally, so you can concentrate fully on your event and enjoy our candybar.

Do I have to clean the candybar vessels and tongs before I send them back?

Thank you, sweet of you to ask, but you don’t have to. You can just send us the empty vessels, shovels and tongs back to us as they are. We will take care of it. Until your next booking, everything will be fine and clean again.